BY–LAW NO. 1      Collection of Maintenance Fund

Section 1.  The Secretary shall keep and maintain at all times an up-to-date list of the owners of lots in Indian Village, and from time to time shall note all changes in ownership, and, as far as possible, shall keep a record of the addresses of the respective owners.


Section 2.  The Secretary shall notify all new owners of lots in the Addition of their right to membership in the Association and shall forward an application for membership.  Upon receipt of an executed application, by a new owner of a lot or lots in said Addition, the Secretary shall note the filing of the same and of the granting of such membership.


Section 3.  The Secretary shall keep an itemized record of the accrual of all maintenance fees and of other dues that become due to the Association of all payments thereof, and of delinquencies.


Section 4. The Secretary shall mail notice to all owners of lots in said Addition, not less than

ten (10) days prior to the 1st day of January of each year, of the maintenance fee which will become due on that date, and of all delinquencies owing by such owners on the lot owned by them, and of the place where payment of such charges may be made.


Section 5.  The Secretary shall report all collections, and make remittance thereof, to the Treasurer, and at the end of three (3) months after the same becomes due, shall report all delinquencies to the Board of Governors for its action.


Section 6. The Secretary shall furnish, on request, a statement of the maintenance fee status of any lot to the owner thereof, or to any one desiring to purchase such lot or to accept a lien thereon, and when all maintenance charges have been paid in full, the Secretary may issue a maintenance charge clearance to any such owner or person.


Section 7.  Whenever a delinquency exists in the payment of any maintenance charge or charges upon any lot in said Addition, no action shall be taken to enforce the lien securing the same, except upon the vote and authority of the Board of Governors, but said Board, upon consideration of the matter, may, by resolution of a majority of the Board, take steps to enforce and foreclose the lien provided for by the Declaration of Restrictions affecting lots 1 to 217 Section A, Indian Village, for the purpose of securing payment to the Association of any maintenance charges which are in arrears.


BY–LAW NO. 2      Maintenance Fund Disbursement

Section 1.  The maintenance charge funds shall be held in a separate account by the Treasurer, and shall be disbursed by him first for the following purposes, namely, in caring for vacant and unimproved lands in Section A, and Section B, Indian Village, in removing grass and weeds, snow or other obstructions from sidewalks, in maintaining, preserving and improving grass and planted areas within the boundaries of streets and driveways; in looking after, promoting and maintaining the best appearance of said Addition and of the lots and grounds in it.


Section 2.  Any balance of such maintenance fund charges received, and any funds received from

other sources, shall be disbursed by the Treasurer for such purposes as the Board of Governors may order or direct beneficial to the interest of the Addition.


BY–LAW NO. 3        Powers Relating to Control and Maintenance of Lots

and Approval and Rejection of Proposed Plans

Section 1.  All powers conferred upon such Association, relating to the control and maintenance of lots, and to the approval and rejection of plans and specifications for proposed residences, shall be, and are, vested in the Board of Governors.


Section 2.  The Board of Governors may appoint one or more of its own members, or a non-member, who possesses expert qualifications in that connection, as a Committee for the purpose of examining and passing upon plans and specifications for proposed residences in Indian Village, and such Committee shall report to the Board its findings in connection therewith, and its recommendations as to the approval or rejection thereof.


Section 3.  The Board of Governors shall act upon such plans and specifications for proposed residences, and the recommendations of said Committee thereon, and shall approve or reject such plans within 10 days from the time when said plans and specifications are first submitted to the Association for its approval or rejection.  The action of the Board of Governors thereon shall be final.